Our chefs are a specially selected group who want to express their creativity by preparing unforgettable experience for their guests. Working in restaurants is often repetitive, without a chance for chefs to show their skills. Chef o’clock gives them this opportunity with the benefit to our customers who can expect a special treat.

You might know our chefs from different restaurants around. Some of them are experienced head chefs from top restaurants, the others are talented young chefs who are starting their careers, or the ones who are looking for new opportunities to broaden their skills.

You can find a short biography note on chef’s profile along with his/her picture, menu and culinary style.

We carefully select chefs who want to belong to Chef o’clock. We believe that thorough recruitment is the basis of gaining our customers’ trust. Therefore, before we employ a chef, we are inviting our candidate to prepare a test dinner for Chef o’clock’s head chefs who give their assessment in terms of the taste of food, presentation, manners and ability to engage with customers. Chefs who meet our standards will be invited to Chef o’clock.

Chef o’clock is growing dynamically. If you cannot find a chef near your home at the moment it may change soon.

There are lots of reasons, first of all, you can comfortably enjoy a meal at your own home without the need to plan, organise and cook. You can enjoy the time spent with your guests in many different ways; if it is anniversary photo slide show, your child’s first piano concert, or you might like to show off your wine collection! In any case you can relax, look after your guests and enjoy a fabulous meal. Our chef will do all the rest: planning, grocery shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning your kitchen at the end of the evening.

Secondly, with a talented chef at your home you and your guests can easily have a peak at what is happening in the kitchen. What is more, you can ask your chef questions or discuss culinary techniques. Our chef can be an active participant or a professional working in the kitchen. This way or the other, with Chef o’clock, we will provide you with very different and, we dare say, better culinary experience.

Apart from private home meals, our chefs can also cook at weddings, business meetings, culinary lessons, garden parties or romantic dinners for two. It does not matter where the event takes place, your home, office or specially hired premises; Chef o’clock will always be a perfect addition to your party!

After making your reservation, the chef will contact you to introduce himself and discuss last details about the kitchen equipment, menu changes or dietary requirements.

On the day of your party the chef will arrive 2 hours prior to your scheduled meal time and prepare everything himself. The only thing you will need to do is to hand over your kitchen and show the chef where all the equipment is stored.

When your guests arrive you can invite them to the kitchen to meet the chef. If you choose so you can stay in the kitchen a little longer and the chef can tell you more about your meal.

Next, your chef will describe every meal while serving it, and before he leaves he will clean your kitchen.

We are happy to lend you some of our finest dinnerware, along with glasses, cutlery, tablecloth and napkins. We can also decorate the table for you or bring extra chairs.

The chef usually arrives 2 hours prior to the starting of the party, however, if the number of guests is large or if you do not have enough space or kitchen equipment, the chef might come over even earlier. If you have a small kitchen, the chef might prepare most of the meal beforehand and arrive at your place only to finish off the meal before serving. The chef will always contact you after you have made your reservation and discuss all the details with you as well as his/her arrival time.

Certainly! The chef will adjust to your kitchen’s size and equipment. If the kitchen is too small he/she will prepare most of the food beforehand and arrive at your place only to finish off the meal before serving. If your kitchen does not have enough equipment, the chef will bring what is needed. However, the chef might make some small menu changes.

The more equipped kitchen the better. However, if you do not have required stuff, the chef will bring it or will adjust the menu. It is important to inform the chef what your kitchen is equipped with: hob, oven, blender, grinder, bowles, spatulas, pots, etc. The chef will contact you to discuss details.

Usually, the chef serves the meal. If you are planning a dinner for 13 or more people, the chef will bring a waiting staff / kitchen help for assistance. There is no extra charge for that, it is included in the price.

If you would like to hire a waiter to serve your guests drinks or a barman to serve you cocktails, please contact us and we will organise all the help your dinner party requires. This kind of services are not included in the price and there will be an extra charge for it.

The chef will undoubtedly have plenty to do throughout the whole time of your dinner. In the meantime, however, the chef can adapt to the character of your dinner party. They can stay in the shadows or say some more about themselves or the dishes. You can invite the chef for a drink and ask them questions. You will not regret it. Our chefs are full of passion and character. However, it is up to you! You can chat about that with your chef ahead of dinner.

It is possible to change the price slightly depending on the number of guests and the type of a service. If you want the dishes to be served family style on big platters it excludes the service altogether and can affect the price.

We use PayPal to process the payments, so that they are fast and secure. Upon confirmation of the service, you will receive an invoice with a link to finalise the payment.

Usually, alcohol and soft drinks are not included in the price. Drinks consist rather expensive part of every restaurant bill, so we decided not to include it in yours. If you provide the drinks for your guests, the price of your dinner will be considerably lower.

No. The idea behind Chef o’clock is to gather a variety of professionals associated with widely-understood gastronomy to provide a range of services. Check out the Profiles and Services pages and use filters to explore the offer.