Our Mission

Chef o’clock has been launched to bring together chefs of Cork (for now) and give them, as much as the people of Cork, new opportunities in cooking, dining, and creating unforgettable moments.

There are many great places in Cork where we can eat lovely dishes, however we never see their creators who are mainly hidden in the restaurants’ kitchens. Chef o’clock’s intention is to uncover them, so that we could get to know our local chefs, their passions, skills, and most importantly their menus. By doing so we not only gain opportunity to try inventive and exciting cuisine, but also give a chance to the chefs of Cork to show off their skills and grow professionally, which in turn could contribute to inventing Cork as a new culinary capital of Ireland.

With Chef o’clock you can find your local chefs who will be happy to cook a meal in your own home. They will look after grocery shopping, cooking, serving, and even cleaning the kitchen at the end of the meal. All that while you relax and enjoy your special evening with your guests in the comforts of your own home.

All dinners organised by Chef o’clock have to be special as they often coincide with important celebrations. Therefore, our chefs will make sure to create an exceptional evening for you and your guests. All our chefs prepare for such occasions with care and precision many days before its date. They bring beautiful dinnerware with them and even decorate your table! If it is a special birthday, first communion, engagement, wedding anniversary, or dinner with friends, every party can be made extra special, easier and more pleasant.

With Chef o’clock you can also book a chef for cooking classes, creative kids’ birthday parties or hen parties. It’s great original entertainment where you can learn some skills from the best!

Try us!