Our Team

Marcin Paslawski

Creative Director

With over a dozen years of experience, undoubtedly an expert in the catering industry. Passionate about good food and a faithful fan of Anthony Bourdain. Combining his joy of cooking and meeting new people inspired him to start Chef o’clock.

Pamela Kelly

Operative Director

Pam is our operational manager here at Chef o’clock. She is responsible for the link between the client and the chef, ensuring every event meets, and even exceeds, expectations.

Pam has been working in Cork City as a chef for the past 15 years, and has strong relationships with the counties artisanal producers. “Cork produce, whether it’s meat, cheese, vegetables, beer, gin or whiskey, is some of the best in the country. We need to showcase it to everyone, at every meal, we should be supporting our producers”.

Piotr Otręba

Chef o’clock Developer and Administrator

Collaborating with scientific publishers and societies as a managing/production editor or web administrator. Chef o’clock being his first attempt at building a commercial website.