Marcin Paslawski

Chef in Market Lane Restaurant, Creative Director at Chef o’clock

English, Polish
Co. Cork, Cobh

I became passionate about cooking yet as a child, in the kitchen of my family home, where my Mum was my teacher. She was a “head chef”, despite struggling to make ends meet. I soon realised that nothing gives me as much satisfaction as cooking and everything related to it. I chose one of the best schools that was Eugeniusz Pijanowski Culinary School in Warsaw. Already as a schoolboy I took up jobs in many restaurants where under the supervision of recognized chefs I absorbed theoretical and practical knowledge.

As a 20-year-old boy I became an independent chef and soon I was promoted as a head chef at the Equestrian Club “Wilczeniec” in 2002 where I carried out small, intimate pop-up dinners as well as large events.

Curiosity always pushed me forward to explore a restaurant from various perspectives, so not only I know how to mix cocktails with knowledge upon completing the bartending course, but I can also serve guests at a table. All these skills are appreciated by a wide circle of friends for whom I cook with pleasure. In 2012 I opened a restaurant in which I was not only a head chef but also a general manager. After 2 years the restaurant was awarded by “Neesweek Polska”. I do not strictly stick to the rules when I cook, I like singing in the kitchen, but at the same time have everything under control. I like the pleasurable feeling of being surprised by discovering new flavor combinations I didn’t know and I change ideas at the last minute. Cooking gives me joy and happiness, and I try to share my passion for cooking with others.

During one of my culinary journeys, Ireland had enchanted me with its love for food. That's why I live and work here today. Currently I'm a chef at Market Lane, Cork, where much attention and effort is focused on providing a great dining experience to the guests through quality food based on local ingredients.
I invite everyone to see and taste my experience at a dinner by Chef o’clock.